Troost Sencha Ice Tea


Organic Ice Tea made with Japanese Sencha tea and a hint of lemon. Green Sencha tea gives this lemonade a fantastic freshness. This type of tea is not baked or fermented but steamed briefly and then dried. As a result, the tea retains its refreshing aroma that hints at citrus and mint. We process the tea in our brewery and provide a light bubble. The ideal thirst quencher for a terrace or in the park.

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Product Details

Type ambient
Unit Stuks
Minimale afname 1
Prijs/Kg 2.30
BTW 9 %
Prijs 2.30

Over deze lokale ondernemer

Duurzaam, lokaal en vers


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Pazzanistraat 27


  • monday 00:01:00 - 23:59:00
  • tuesday 00:01:00 - 23:59:00
  • wednesday 00:01:00 - 23:59:00
  • thursday 00:01:00 - 23:59:00
  • friday 00:01:00 - 15:00:00


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